Our history.

James A. McLaren & Co. Ltd. is a long standing “Non Broking” member of the Baltic Exchange in London, and from the outset worked with service providers, in particular towage and ship assist companies, acting as their Representative (not Agent), with always a strong involvement in North America. Always the goal was providing our clients with the best possible service, with the best (and thus usually highest horsepower) towage equipment, from the best towage companies in the business and on the best commercial terms available. True then and to this very day.

Towage in Mobile has been arranged for our clients (in London and elsewhere) since 1917, and in 1922 Houston and Galveston were added to the list, with New Orleans and the mighty Mississippi River following in 1963. Many other ports were added to the list over the years, but with the changes in shipping, (the diesel engine, the self trimming bulk carrier, the advent then of the modern 26,000 dwt “supertanker”!) the towage trade changed with consolidation of towage providers in many ports and thus a reduction in the choice available to Owners, Charterers and Ship Operators.

Today James A.McLaren & Co.Ltd remains the foremost European Representative for towage companies in North America and members of the McLaren team regularly can be found on the streets of London, Copenhagen, Geneva, Athens and Istanbul as many places beside visiting clients and arranging harbour and ship assist towage in Mobile; Houston, Galveston, Freeport (Texas) and Corpus Christi; New Orleans and the mighty Mississippi River; even the West Coast Ports of the USA, (and elsewhere) AND on the very best of commercial terms. May we be of service to you ?

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